Centennial Contact Information

Sis. Daphne P. Roberts, PGWM, Chairperson
Brother Thomas P. Caldwell, PGWP, Co-Chairperson
Sister Marjorie P. Ellis, PDDGM, Co-Chairperson
Sister Orphenia Fitzpatrick, PGWM
Brother W. Spencer Person, Jr., PGWP

Sister Linda Winters, PDDGM, District No. 1
Sister Veronica Bentley, PDDGM, District No. 2
Brother Anticious Peterson, PGDL, District No. 2
Sister Sylvia Stephens, PDDGM, District No. 3
Sister Patricia Lyons, PDDGM, District No. 4
Sister Paige Coward, PDDGM, District No. 4
Sister Joanne Cain, PDDGM, District No. 5
Sister Lillian Hargrove, PDDGM, District No. 6
Sister Maurice Wesson, PDDGM, District No. 7
Brother Bennie Anderson, PGDL, District No. 7
Sister Regina Littlejohn, PDDGM, District No. 8


Esther Chapter No. 25
Sister Evette Davis, PM
Integrity Chapter No. 31
Sister Maryleen Dunston
Greenland Chapter No. 32
Sister Margi Mathis
Arbor Vitae Chapter No. 40
Sister Monique Wiggins
Adeste Fidelis Chapter No. 45
Sister Sakeenha Shakir, PM
Ionic Chapter No 15
Sister Patricia Edwards,WM
Ionic Chapter No. 15
Sister Sharon Harris, AM
Mary’s Chapter No. 42
Sister Tenishia Lester, WM
Mary’s Chapter No. 42
Sister Doris Carney, AM
Mary’s Chapter No. 42
Sister Lena Braxton, PDDGM
Rose of Sharon/Estrellita Chapter 49
Sister Linda DeBerry, PM
Deborah Chapter No. 51
Sister Carmen Jackson, WM
Deborah Chapter No. 51
Sister Patricia Blount-Elliott, PM
Atlantic Chapter No. 3
Sister Atiya Spellman
Ivy Leaf Chapter No. 18
Sister Connie McCutheon, WM
Adah Chapter No. 17
Sister Rene Blackwood, PM
Golden Link Chapter No. 24
Sister Angela Robertson
Naomi Chapter No. 29
Sister Gwendolyn Dickson, PM
Martha Chapter No. 37
Sister Melanie Woods
Aaron Chapter No. 8
Sister Joyce Johnson, PM
Zipporah Chapter No. 11
Sister Brenda Gadson
ERAME Chapter No. 62
Sister Jeanell Newmuis Haley, PM
Star of Bethlehem Chapter No. 26
Sister Marcella Elmore, WM
Star of Bethlehem Chapter No. 26
Gerri Fletcher, PM
Golden Rule Chapter No. 50
Sister Denise Mayes, PM
Abigail Chapter No. 64
Sister Tanira Daye, PM
Pride of the East Chapter No. 48
Sister Denise Burroughs, PDDGM
Omega Chapter No. 60
Sister Annette Megargel, PM
St. John Chapter No. 12
Sis. Rosemary Lewis, PM
Bethlehem Chapter No. 41
Sister Renee Reid, WM
St. James Chapter No. 58
Sister Gwendolyn Smith-Stokes, GAS Emeritus
Princess Tyre Chapter No. 52
Sister Nadyne Johnson-Pryor, PM